Thoughts on a postcard

I’m so disappointed at the amount of time I’m getting to spend creating, writing and reading at the moment. It’s so limited because of my full time job taking over much of my time and all of my energy. It’s quite busy at the moment and I hope that will ease in a few weeks.

A few small updates/notes/things floating across my tired brain…

photo 1

I’m heading to New York for the first time ever in a few weeks and I’m so excited! If you have any tips for creative or fun places that I absolutely should not miss please let me know! I already have a growing list. I’m going with The Belgian for our birthiversary (our wedding anniversary and our birthdays are all within 10 days – mine today!!!) and I’m hoping for some magic! (Also, how cute is my little heart pin? We found these and many other treasures on our Japan honeymoon last year. Too cute…)

The next Bazaar Craft Sunday is this coming Sunday 06 April. I really, really need this crafty indulgence at the end of what has been a very long, tough month. I have a heap of projects that I need to finish, I want to get some new stuff up on Etsy, and I can’t wait to catch up with the lovely crafty people that come to the Sundays.

The wonderful Hanna Andersson’s Postcard Swap is coming up soon.Register and do it! I promise you won’t regret it when sweet postcards start landing in your mail box from across the world!

Here is a page about bees that my sister shared with me during the week. Bees are so important and they need all the help we can give them! My Dad is an avid beekeeper and knows how tough it is to keep the hives working and alive. Bees for the win!!!

I’m sorry I can’t write more at the moment but stick with me. I’m doing my best to keep this show on the road!

a x


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on a postcard

  1. Dear Aisling,

    Just a little note wishing you a happy birthday, and yes, I’m a little bit jealous that you’re going to New York. Have fun! I can’t make it to your next crafty sunday, I already made some other plans but I would love to get an invitation for the next one.

    Hip hip hurray! xxx Tamara

    > Op 2-apr.-2014 om 20:05 heeft Bazaar het volgende geschreven: > > >

    1. Hi Tamara!

      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! I had a pretty long day at work but all of the nice messages I received all day made it worth it.

      The next date will be 06 May – pop it into the diary now 🙂

      a x

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