Belgian Sewing Bee

Every month when I meet with the lovely creative people who make up the Bazaar Craft Sundays the conversation always manages to cover BBC’s Great British Sewing Bee. It’s a great idea for a show and so easy to get on board if you have a creative bone in your body. Well, I have just learned that Belgium will have it’s very own version of the sewing bee over this summer!! It’s called Sew It Up and over five weeks during the summer from May 12, six competitors will participate in a series of sewing challenges, which will then be voted about on the Sew It Up blog! (keep in mind whenever I mention a season I’m thinking in Irish terms. So I know that May is still technically spring for Belgophiles but us west coast dwellers welcome our seasons a little earlier than the rest! Anyway, tangent over!)


Get yer fabric stashes out, it’s on!!!! I’m going to be applying to participate and if I get in, be prepared for lots of stressful posts on this space!! In any case, I’ll definitely be following how it develops.

This month’s Bazaar Craft Sunday was lovely as usual. The gorgeous gang who attended brought a birthday cake for lil ol’ me, and there was much cooing over projects and over our tiny Bazaar Mascot. I finally finished a play mat I’ve been working on for little Mascot’s nursery, and here’s a wee pic of her testing it out for the first time.



Loving it! Gosh she’s just so sweet. Best. Mascot. Ever.

Another quick photo from this month’s Bazaar Craft Sunday. I have a huge wardrobe full of fabrics so try to make some of them available to the crafters who come. One of these days I’m going to have to pull everything out of the wardrobe and reorganise it because it’s a total disaster. Maybe that should be a spring project…

photo 4 (1)

Anyway, I know I’ve been quiet here, but rest assured that there’s lots going on behind the scenes. including….. (drum roll please…) I’ve just been made a leader in the Belgian Etsy Team!!! (can you guys see that link if you’re not an Etsy member? I’m not so sure. I have a LOT to learn as a leader…) Yayyyyyyy! I have yet to do anything in that capacity, but it’s a huge vote of confidence to know that the captain, Karolien, thinks I have some value to add to the team. Watch this space for more Etsy brilliance!

a x


2 thoughts on “Belgian Sewing Bee

  1. Waw waw waw, go, girl! I’ll vote for you whatever you do 🙂 (just because I know you only sew veRRRy beautiful things). As far as I’m concerned, I’ll stay behind the screen, shy me…

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