New York!

I know the length of time between posts here seems to be getting longer and longer, but I’m done apologising. There’s an awful lot going on at the moment and working full time to keep a roof over my head leaves precious little time for anything else. And there has to be time just to be me and to hang out. And that’s exactly what I did in New York!!!

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It was our birth-iversary trip (both mine and The Belgian’s birthdays, and our wedding anniversary fall within 10 days) and it was amazing. Overwhelming, exciting, exhausting, eye-popping and just amazing. Check out these super blue skies!

photo 5 (2)

We did a LOT of walking and saw most of Manhattan and quite a lot of Brooklyn too, but it was worth the sore feet to really get to know the city. Honestly, despite the fact that NY is a huge part of an Irish cultural upbringing (tv, cinema, music…) I didn’t know what it was like as a real live-in city. It’s great! The individual neighbourhoods are sweet and around where we were staying in East Village there were the cutest bars, cafes, shops, parks, dogs and more dogs! I’m not sure I have the energy it would take to live there full time but as far as visiting is concerned, I’ll definitely go back.

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We got to the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday. I was quite excited to go, although it was a lot smaller than I expected. It was also a little more expensive than I thought, but in fact, many of the neighbourhoods are quite expensive. Gentrification is well under way, and we aren’t the only ones noticing it. We caught a local stand-up comedy show in East Village and half of the jokes were about how expensive the “poor” areas of NY have become. But it means the quality of treasures is really high and the Brooklyn market was full of gorgeous things!

photo 2 (7)I was absolutely delighted to find that one of my favourite organisations was located just around the corner from where we were staying. Pink Olive has the sweetest paper products and once a month people living in the States can have a Pink Olive curated stationary box delivered into their letter boxes. I’m so jealous! The pic isn’t great but as usual they’re “celebrating the simple”. There was actually a lot of gorgeous clothes, creative and stationary boutiques in the streets around East Village. I think it would be a great area to live if you were to stay in NY for a while.

photo 4 (3)

On our first evening, we went for a stroll to get a feel for the neighbourhood. The severe jetlag didn’t prevent us going into the great vintage clothing shops, where I found this super short navy coat (please ignore the puffy red jetlag face!). The Belgian found some great pieces too and we went back to Belgium with bags full of “cute shit” !

photo 3 (4)


So, I’ve been pretty quiet the last while online, trying to get my head around work and balance, but I’m here in person and busy as usual. The next Bazaar Craft Sunday is this coming 02 May and I can’t wait to spend a whole afternoon doing nothing but sewing and chatting!

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a x



6 thoughts on “New York!

  1. Nice. I was in NY almost 10 years ago (where does the time go?) and it left such an impression that it is a constant feature in my dreams still! I often wonder why but like you said in your post we grow up with this iconic place on tv, movies etc and there’s something grand about it. My experience was pizza on every corner, ‘supersize me’ coffees, giant Donald Trump billboards, doggy salons, the coolest shops, amazing art exhibitions and famous people all around. There’s a sense that people can be who they want to be in any crazy way they want and that people go to find greatness and even to find their own greatness. I was just thinking it might be the last part that causes it to come into my head so often.

    Don’t apologize for not posting more often 🙂 We will be happy with whatever you have whenever you have it!


    1. Oh that’s very sweet. Your comment just made my day!

      I know what you mean about people being who they want to be. I found it really a place that people are themselves and nothing more, nothing less! They hide nothing and there’s nothing subtle about New Yorkers but it’s refreshing when you’re used to discovering people bit by bit. It’s very, “this is me, take it or leave it, I don’t care” which must be really liberating. But terrifying!! I loved it to visit but just can’t imagine ever living there!

      a x

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! It’s a truly unique place. It feels like you are stepping on to a film set. It’s weird to see things you have seen all your life but never face to face! Lou

    1. Yeah it’s bizarre! And now when I watch new York movies it’s so much more familiar! I’m on a Kerstin Wiig binge at the moment and all her films are made in NY. It’s pretty fun to watch. “I was there. I was there” 🙂

      a x

  3. It looks like you had a perfect break! I visited NYC a couple of years ago and loved it, I need to go back… one day. Time seems to be such a rare commodity these days.

    1. I know what you mean! I’m finding now that all my weekends are alreayd planned for the next few months, and there’s precious little time for spontaneous weekends, which is a shame.
      NY was indeed amazing! I’ll definitely go back! But when…
      a x

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