Bazaar Updates

There’s a whole lot going on at the moment and I have precious few moments for updating the blog but here’s a quick one!


Brussels is really miserable at the moment. It’s raining pretty much most of the time. When it’s not raining it’s that awful drizzle which is somehow worse than “proper” rain! This all had a big impact this weekend as myself and The Belgian were training for the Brussels 20km next Sunday (18 May). (Eeeeeeeeek!!) We set aside Saturday morning to go for our one long run before the actual 20km – we planned on running roughly 15/16km. However….. We made a wee error in our planning and overshot our mark a little bit…… The plan was to find a train station roughly 15km outside of Brussels, run to the station and get the train home. A pretty good plan (we told each other, as we congratulated ourselves!) as neither of us like running in circles around a track. So, we took off in the direction of La Hulpe on the South East side of Brussels, through the woods and then the forest. The run was beautiful. It was lashing rain so there was nobody around, and the forest was a riot of the most incredible shades of green. It was glorious, invigorating and had the unfortunate effect of making me a little homesick for Ireland. Once we exited the forest we found La Hulpe but our GPS was telling us the train station was at the opposite side of the village, so we just kept going. We passed La Hulpe, running on a main road, and entered the next village before we started wondering about the whereabouts of this train station. We remained on track, following the GPS and eventually found a station – in the next village out! It was a whole 3km further than we meant to run! Talk about overshooting the mark! So we got the train back and once at home The Belgian measured the total distance – 19.5km! Ooops! We didn’t feel too bad after, but when the time came to dress up for our EUROVISION party that evening, we were pretty wrecked! Anyway, the moral of the story is, if you’re heading to a new destination, check your directions before setting off on foot, in the rain (the above photo was taken out my bedroom window just before we set off…), with your iPhone for GPS!!!!

So, now you know why I’ve been so quiet this month!


I’ve also started school again for this month with my Etsy bunch- Etsy Belgium Team. I’m getting really fond of my team mates. Etsy isn’t very well known in Belgium yet (we’re working on that!!), and despite not receiving a whole lot of attention, and having to constantly explain what Etsy is, the team remain positive and motivated to improve our shops! Check out their shops at the link above and see all of the beautiful work they’re doing.

If you don’t hear from me before next Sunday, I’ll be running around Brussels from 10am! It’s always wonderful to see friendly faces out and about so if you have a free Sunday morning, come and wave at the runners and cheer us on – you have no idea how much it helps to see big smiles on the sideline when you hit “The Wall”. (Check out The Oatmeal’s brilliant take on “The Wall” and long distance running!)

a x


3 thoughts on “Bazaar Updates

  1. oh – have fun running the Bxl 20, it is such a fabulous event, and there is always a good turn out along the way. I have run it a bunch of times, but lately decided I don’t actually like running on asphalt, so I didn’t sign up this year.
    And the good thing about rainy weather – especially after getting out for a morning of exercise, is you feel no qualms about staying in and crafting all afternoon!!

    1. Thanks! I’m not mad about asphalt but the cobblestones are the worst!!
      I just spent the last few days in bed with gastric flu so I’m actually really nervous about the weekend now. I’m not sure I’ll have my energy levels back up where I need them after three days not eating… 😦

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