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It’s been an incredible productive weekend. Despite spending most of last week wasting away in bed with gastric flu, I managed to pull myself together and had a great weekend! It totally makes up for all the lost time!

photo 2(1)Myself and the Belgian finished our second Brussels 20KM together! This is his fifth time doing the race, and my second with him, and I’m sooooo proud of us! We lost a little time on last year but given the week spent in bed, losing two kilos through not eating all week, and the fact that we’re really struggling to find time to train this year, I’m giving us a massive thumbs up for finishing at the two hour mark! We’re trying to figure out our training plan. We discovered we’re reeeeeally bad at morning runs. It takes us ages to warm up and our bodies complain the whole way through the run. But then to find regular times after work and before dinner is tricky. What we’re looking at now are two after-work short runs during the week and one long weekend run every week. How do you runners out there who work full-time manage?!

Also, I want to give a huge shout out to all of those wonderful, joyful, encouraging strangers who shouted at me on the race route yesterday. I don’t know if they quite realise the enormous impact they have on our psycholocigal well being as we push our bodies to do things that they don’t want to do. Especially around the 16/17th km, which is uphill! It’s usually lined with strangers who, for just a split second when they catch your eye and cheer, become a close friend. Honestly, I’m close to tears thinking about it – it’s an emotional struggle as well as physical. THANK YOU KIND STRANGERS!!


Also, thanks to Vita Coco which because our unwitting sponsors for the race! We LOOOOOVE Vita Coco. It’s the perfect post-run drink. We recently found it was disapperaing from our local shops so we wrote to them to ask which suppliers they use in Belgium so we could find it. They wrote back with lots of helpful information, AND asked for a postal address to send us a rehydration kit. Honestly, so nice! So we gorged on coco juice after the race and were super hydrated on the bus ride home!!

During the week, when I wasn’t able to do anything else, I had a think about some of my existing work and the pieces I have on Etsy. The Welcome Baby Boxes are sweet but they don’t sell very well from Etsy, and I think it’s because the mobiles are a little tricky. They’re very sweet but when giving them as a gift to new parents you’re not sure if they will have somewhere to hang them, and I feel that is putting people off. So I racked my brains to come up with something else I could add to the boxes, that would complete them and replace the mobiles. Then I came up with these guys!

photo 2

They’re soft floppy bunny “doudou”s make with super soft cotton and linen, and filled with polyester stuffing. There are no detachable parts, no buttons or tails, so nothing that can come off in a baby’s mouth! They remind me (and all my sisters) of a little flat rag doll my sister had when we were kids and provoked instant nostalgia in all of us!

photo 1I spent all morning on Saturday cutting and preparing new boxes in a range of colours and I’ll put them up on my Bazaar Etsy boutique very soon. I want to take part in a few autumn and Christmas markets this year so want to have a good stock ready, but it’s going to take every minute of my evenings to get ready! It’s worth it though to see a growing pile of sweet boxes!

photo 4

So the boxes will comprise rabbit doudou (which is Belgian-French for a soft toy you give to babies when they’re born), three soft toy balls, perfect for flinging around indoors, and (of course) bunting!!

I’ll get them up on Etsy as soon as I have time to take some pics! Yay for productive weekends! We also found a little down-time yesterday to enjoy a post-run cava in the sun. It’s beautiful here in Brussels this week, hope the sun is shining where you are!

a x


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