Spreading creative culture

Things are looking up Chez Aisling. In a few weeks I will stop working full time and make some big changes in my daily life. I’m hoping that this change in my routine will bring back some daily creativity, allow time for blogging and generally allow my mind and self to settle into a calmer space.

photo 3It’s been a rollercoaster of a year here in Brussels and it’s time for a change of rhythm. This means I should also have more time for writing, for telling you all about the creative pieces I’m working on, and indeed work on more projects, including the Baby Boxes and my vintage scarf cushions (check out the gorgeous scarf above that I found recently!) So, here’s to a calmer mind and spirit!

photo 1

On top of all that check out this weather! Sigh, summer is here and even though I’m stuck indoors most of the time at the moment, the sun lifts my heart. We spent a night at the sea two weeks ago with beautiful friends, and it was glorious! Just look at all that sunshine in my pic of the Belgian seaside!

In other notes, I came across two different items which I thought might interest a few of you. The first is that we’re seeing more and more of a cultural reinforcement of the value of reusing/repurposing/recycling. I was delighted to see this article in the Guardian last week on giving vintage clothes a new life. It actually makes tailoring old clothes sound a lot harder than it actually is, even for beginners, but I love that there are more of these types of articles appearing in the mainstream media. On top of all of the great UK programmes, like the Sewing Bee and, what is the other one that Kirsty Allsop presents?! I can’t remember… The trend seems to be strongest in the UK but there is evidence of a growing culture of reusing vintage, or even just modern second-hand, clothes. I LOVE IT!

Also, this lovely email on dreaming dropped into my inbox this morning from Do What You Love. The team at DWYL bought a beach hut and they are generously offering the hut to artists/creative types to use for a day, as a space for dreaming. I adore this idea so much. All creators need a space for dreaming, for letting the mind wander and see what it comes across. This usually happens for me when I’m at a concert. Once I relax and the music starts to wash over me, my mind wanders and I’ve had some of my best ideas at concerts! I mean classical music concerts usually, as at gigs it’s hard to get into a relaxed zone when you’re dancing and chatting, etc. But it also happens for me on trains, which is the perfect moment to let your mind wander and take down the daily routine barriers that block ideas flowing in. It’s rare to find a calm beautiful space like this, made available just for dreaming. More of this sort of thing please!!

a x


2 thoughts on “Spreading creative culture

    1. Hi Renate,

      Thanks so much for your wishes! I’m quite excited about the coming changes and hope it will result in a more meaningful fily life for me and my family!

      Your blog is lovely! I must keep an eye on your activities with your kids for future reference!

      a x

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