Summer is a comin’

Let me just take a moment to say, I’M ON HOLIDAYS! Yayyy!! Yesterday I had a whole day off and was so super productive. I did a photoshoot in the morning and got a whole lot of new pieces up on my Etsy shop. I’m delighted with myself.


Some of the new pieces up are these deadly Oxo cups and a very cute 60’s milk jug with a cat and a teapot on it! Sweeeeeeeet!


I also finished a few more of my oversized lux cushions and got those photos up.


This is one of my favourites. It’s retro without being too colourful so it doesn’t broach the world of physchedlia! It’s huge and soft, about 63cm square. Pure luxury!


I had my little collection of kids toys props on board for the shoot. I’d love to have a kids room already so that I could fill it with these sweet things and my own textiles too. One day!


Ooooo there are a few more Welcome Baby Boxes up too and look how gorgeous this guy is! Liberty print ‘doudou’. Sweeeeeeet!

So things are looking up already. Today I’m using my Belle Mere’s serger and finishing work on a website I’ve been building. Then….. I’m off to London for the weekend!!! Staying with my sisters, it’s going to be a very girly weekend. Two of them come back to Brussels with me then we head to Paris, so expect Instagram to be a veritable ad for a European city break!

a x

In the middle of how great I feel at the moment I realise I’m so lucky in my life and I feel a need to say something about how awful the situation is at the moment in Palestine. I’m at a loss for words, it just feels so huge and so injust, and what can one single powerless person do? Especially when you see the inaction on the part of the supposedly powerful. I read this piece by Brian Eno this morning so thought I’d share that. If you want to bury your head and ignore it, then just don’t click on the link.


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