Summer 14 in pictures

Clearly, I took a looooong summer break and it’s been a while since I updated the blog. It was a badly needed rest after the madness of the last year. I’m hopeful that with a few recent changes to my life and daily routine, I won’t have a year quite that mad for a long time again! There’s just too much to update so I thought I’d instead make my first post of the new season a photo essay of what happened during the summer!

First stop, London!!


I spent a weekend with two of my sisters there, hanging out with my aunt and uncle. Many cocktails were drank and much fun was had!


photo 3c

Then a week in Brussels, doing touristy things with The Belgian and my sisters. Brussels is gorgeous in the sun!

photo 4c

We took the Thalys down to Paris for one night to take in the sights there. Of course, nobody goes to Paris without red lipstick…

photo 5c

The city pulled out all the stops for us and the Louvre, in particular, was stunning at night.

photo 2d

Back to Brussels for a couple of nights to hang out with this guy (who managed to get really upset by all the coming and going and peed on all our guests suitcases! Even those lovely friends who came to take care of him while we were away!!)

photo 3

Then we hopped on the plane to Ireland and I spent ten days with The Belgian touring the south west, and it was glorious!

photo 2b

We spent a few days with my Mum and Dad in Baltimore in Co. Cork – a gorgeous little spot with spectacular views of the Atlantic.


photo 3b

Gorging on fresh blackberries on the side of the road.

photo 4b

We spent a night on The Blasket islands and swam with the seal colony who lives there.

photo 2

And slept in Peig’s house!!

photo 1b

Myself and Dad on a blustery hillside, visiting the graveyard of his family. It’s a ruin now but still quite impressive. I’m sorry to find I have no photos of myself and Mum after the trip. I must remember to get some the next time. Why is it when we’re looking back through old photos we love most the ones with family in them, but when I travel I take so many landscape photos and almost none of me posing with family?!


And back to Brussels where I took the least glamorous but most amusing photo of myself and Shep hanging out in the summer heat.

photo 4I did manage to get some sewing done, including coming close to the end of this Pine Burr lap quilt! Only the cream layer to go on around the edge now!

photo 3dMore Welcome Baby Boxes on the way!

photo 5a

And, frustratingly, unpicking a seam after the new fabric I tried out was flawed and kept tearing! Grrrrrr!!

photo 5 (89)

I finished and boxed up this gift set for the sweet daughter of a friend of mine in Ireland and posted it off to her in it’s very own cake box, below!

photo 1a

Too sweet!

photo 2a

I also tried my hand at paper piecing, which I don’t love but which turned out quite beautiful!

photo 3a

This is a part of a gift set for friends who have a beautiful baby girl. In fact, she’s the same baby girl who features in some of my Etsy items!

photo 1


Last but not least, this guy! We found the Irish cousin of the internet sensation Grumpy Cat. Dingle’s own An Cat Cantalach! He was in fact the friendliest cat we met all holiday! Including our Shep!!

Tomorrow is the first Bazaar Creative Sunday after the break and I’m very excited to catch up with everyone and find out how their summers went.

One of my favourite things of the summer is this new range of stationary by my lovely friend Maggie. It’s origami stationary – you print the designs on either side of a sheet of pretty paper, and then after writing your letter, fold it into an envelope! The best part are the exquisite designs by Maggie. Check out her talent on her Etsy page!

From next week I’ll no longer be working full time in administration, so you can expect a lot more creative work out of me, and more frequent blog posts too! I’m very excited about what this next year will bring me and the doors I’m going to try to open!

a x


4 thoughts on “Summer 14 in pictures

  1. I love your summer in photos post!! Great idea. 🙂 That pic of The Blasket islands is breathtaking– I can only imagine what the real-life view looks like!!

  2. Hi, I like the one stop-one picture angle! Your doudou boxes look great! I clicked on the link to etsy and the automated translation said “douche de bebe” for baby shower……
    I’ll need to check this out from a pc and maybe order if you ship to France? For my little goddaugther Margaux!

    1. Oh lovely! You know I can add names to the bunting if you wish, so just let me know and I’ll be happy to add Margaux!
      The auto-translate feature is a little dodgy alright! It’s on my project list to actually create proper French translations. I restarted my French lessons this evening so it’s a good exercise!
      I do indeed ship to France!
      a x

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