I’ve been verrrrrrry lucky this week! I got some lovely surprise presents that brightened my days!

photo 11

So this is something of a gratuitous selfie, but I received a present of a voucher for Tissus du Chien Vert from the lovely pool of secretaries in my last job just before I left. I had been thinking about making this dress for ages but any time I go to a fabric shop it’s usually for supplies. I put the dress on the long finger, but a gift of fabric is always the best time to do something for yourself so here it is!!

photo 4

This book of winter knitting patterns from 1979 Germany! A brilliant Irish artist recently moved to Brussels and we met last night for a wee sewing less. He gave me this incredible book. It’s a little frightening… The things they used to do with photoshop in the 70’s would make you shudder!

photo 21

This gorgeous scarf came as a total surprise from the lovely Jennifer from 13zor. She knows I’m a sucker for a pretty scarf. (Who doesn’t?) It’s huge and is going to make an exquisite cushion!

Then there are gifts for other people! I’m working on building lots of stock for my Etsy shop at the moment. These Baby Welcome Boxes are so sweet and I’m building a whole pile of them!

photo 2



The doudou rabbits are so sweet, I’m mad about them!

photo 1And below is the pile of fabrics I’m just about to dig into this evening! Whoop, bring on the Christmas Markets!!

photo 5 (94)




Last weekend we spent Saturday morning exploring Brussels during the Journées du Patrimoine (Brussels Heritage Day). It was a great opportunity to see inside the private Art Deco and Art Nouveau houses. I found out (the hard way, eek!) that we’re not supposed to photograph inside the houses, but I managed to steal this shot of Art Nouveau light switches before my transgressions were pointed out!

photo 3Cheeky, non?!

a x




5 thoughts on “Presents!!

  1. Hi, lovely post as always! I need to get some second hand patterned fabrics for an art project and thought you would be the one to ask where in Brussels I can find some interesting bits?

    Tempy 🙂

    1. Thanks Tempy!

      For straight-forward contemporary fabrics with lots of choice I normally go to Tissus du Chien Vert on the quays. It’s not the cheapest but they have an enormous range of fabrics and you can always find something.

      Otherwise, if you’re looking for cheap and different, I’d check out the brocantes – either try to get to Place de Jeu du Bal during the week, like on a Tuesday morning at 8am. The best stalls are those stalls that look like they just emptied the contents of someones house into a pile of cardboard boxes. It’s messy rooting but there are often good fabrics to be found. I imagine you know how to bargain at this stage but I find that going in my office work clothes makes it much harder to get a bargain 😉
      Also, this weekend there’s a big brocante at Flagey, the first ever FLAGEY’BROC on Sunday. I imagine there will be some good fabrics to be found there if you get there early. Again, I look for the people who aren’t selling fabric but rather the contents of a house, and may have some scraps lying around!
      I hope this is helpful! Happy hunting 🙂

      a x

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