My Team!

I’ve been very lucky since moving to Belgium (three years ago now, gosh!!) to have found myself surrounded by some incredible creative people. You all know the Bazaar Creative Sunday gang (pic below!) that meet once a month in Ixelles to share projects, ideas and soup. They’re the ones I turn to when I’m stuck on an idea, or when I have a request for a project that is outside of my field of expertise.

photo (1)

I also made the smart move of joining the Belgium Etsy team. Through the team I met even more creative people living around Belgium. The team is incredibly diverse and the range of talents is just astonishing. Here’s a small introduction to my team mates – there are over 1,000 members so I won’t be able to mention everyone! But there are some active team members who contribute regularly to our group discussions and are always interested in giving good advice on the small issues we come across.

Kornelia is the shop of our illustrious team leader Karolien. Karolien is always helpful and searching new corners for our team development. And her handmade jewelry is beautiful!!

Another member of the team leadership is the lovely Josien. Josien is so talented she has not one, but two shops! The earrings she makes are so delicate, I love the clean contemporary lines.

It seems that some of the most unique jewelry in Belgium comes out of Flanders! Tamara is one of the most encouraging members of the team, always pushing us to try something different, and to make good use of our time. Her shop, Wolf Jewels, is full of treasures and she recently ran a competition for her birthday, giving away presents!

Wolf Jewels

(Pic: This is one of Tamara’s beautiful pieces from Wolf Jewels.)

Maggie of JoJackLee has become one of the keys of the Bazaar Creative Sundays and I’m so glad to have her expertise on hand for all questions on paper and design. She recently started a new line of origami stationary and I’m in love!!


(Pic: Origami stationary from Maggie. I adore them and from what I hear there are more to come for the holidays!!)

Jordi’s shop is open almost a year now and he’s doing so great with Art Effect Prints‘ printed t-shirts! He’s doing even better offline and if you can get to markets in Antwerp he can frequently be found there!

Hanna of Raori has recently started joining in the group discussions and has such a valuable voice to add! She’s helpful and kind, and happy to contribute. Her work is just beautiful, check it out!

Yves has only just joined Etsy recently and joined the team pretty quickly after, but his shop, Lost Papers, is taking off like a shooting star!

I’m a sucker for stationary and Marieken has some beautiful work in her shop mmmMAR!


(Pic: Bruges postcards from Marieken!)

Another great example of Flemish jewelry design, Keraleen by Leen has some unusual pieces.

And look at these lovely original designs by Sil! Pencilory is her passion and it shows on these beautiful original designs! She has some beautiful hand painted silk scarves and ceramics.


(Pic: Sil’s designs are just beautiful and she has a new range of tea towels with her designs.)

And… last but not least, ME! Just a wee link to my own shop, Bazaar Collective, check it!

I’m hoping that very soon I’ll be able to bring you some news about places you can find our team members at markets in the run up to Christmas!

Have a good week, y’all!

a x


4 thoughts on “My Team!

  1. What an honor to be mentioned here 🙂 thank you!! And super cool to read about the Belgian sellers. I’m so happy the Belgian team is active again, we were a few active Belgian sellers back in 2011, but there was still such a small interest for Etsy in Belgium back then, so most of us turned to bigger teams … It’s awesome to see how the community has grown since I’ve been away, exited to be back and get to know everyone!!

    1. It’s great to have another active member of the team! We could do with all hands on deck to make something great out of the team – there’s so much potential in Belgium, I think the cultural rift has a bit impact on making all-Belgium teams work. But we can do it 🙂

    1. Yes indeed we do! If you want to send me an email at samadhya @ gmail . com I can include you in the next email notice for the November session! The emails are usually all in English but if there’s anything you don’t understand just let me know and I’ll send a (rough!) translation!
      a x

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