Winter is coming (overused!?)…

It seems yesterday was truly the last day of fine weather in Belgium this year. We might get some more bright rain-free days but I think we’ve seen the last of the 25 degree afternoons! But that’s ok in my books because autumn is my favourite season! I love the colours, the clothes (I have a huge collection of coats and jackets!)

October Skies 2

I was lucky enough this week to feature in the wonderful 13zor blog. I’ve followed the blog for quite some time and love the style and have discovered some great finds in there! So I was thrilled to be counted amoung the illustrious creators on 13zor pages! If you have a minute go and check out the post and don’t forget to enter the competition at the bottom of the post to win one of my vintage scarf cushions!


A whole lot of new items went up on my Etsy shop last week, including these awesome 1970’s Belgian salt & pepper shakers! Sooooooo beautiful!


I also came across this gorgeous vintage furniture collector online during the week. Holly Chine(gom) finds and sells the most beautiful pieces! The blue chairs on her homepage are just exquisite! If our home wasn’t in tones of red and orange I’d be tempted to buy them for my own house!

Today is the October Bazaar Monthly Craft gathering and we have a big day ahead of us! We’re going to start planning for our first ever community Christmas Market! Details to come as soon as we’ve had a chance to iron them out. Needless to say it’ll be full of handmade goodies, great food and activities for everyone to get to know each other!

a x



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