Autumn is here

Autumn is definitely here, which means shorter, colder days, but also means…… NO MOSQUITOES! I can’t overestimate how much I love that fact. Mozzies. They’re the bane of my life here in Brussels and I know that many people living here have no problem with them, but they seem to seek me out wherever I go and are a constant torment. But come October the mosquito net can finally come down and my bedroom seems enormous again! Shep is loving it too! No more crying to get under the net in the mornings! He’s adorable as he snuck under the sheet for a little comfort with the chilly mornings moving in! Check out those huge green eyes!

photo 2-1

Autumn’s arrival also means preparation for Christmas! And more specifically, for Christmas markets. I know many people groan at the mention of the C word before mid-November, but when you work in the handmade/design business you need to start thinking about these things from early-September! Over at Bazaar we have indeed been thinking, and planning, and plotting! I’m very excited to bring you news shortly about the first ever Bazaar Christmas Market! We’re just pinning down a few small details and I’ll write a separate post all about it shortly! Needless to say, it’s going to be handmade, creative, social, and totally awesome!! More anon.

In addition to working on preparing the market I’m also continuing to build my own stock for selling and have a look at these guys!

photo 5

Two new Welcome Baby Boxes almost finished and they’re gorgeous! The flowery fabric comes from an old housecoat from the 80’s – the type of housecoat my great-grandmother used to wear when she was chasing us out from under her feet with a sweeping brush! Because I only have a little of this fabric, these boxes are limited editions but so much nicer for that!


photo 3

I’m almost finished the top of this pine burr quilt. I have a feeling that at this stage it won’t be used as a quilt because it’s sooooo heavy! So perhaps it’s best as a wall-hanging but I’ll leave that up to the new owners! I’ve been almost finished for months but there’s only one corner of cream left and then I can put the back on!

photo 2

In addition to all of the market prep and stock-building, I’m also working on the paperwork to finally become Indépendent Complementaire (part-time self-employed for us Anglophones!) and it’s taken a while but I’m very excited about it! I’ll be finally all set up and ready to go in Belgium! It’s busy but exciting times!
So that’s all that’s going on with me really. I met with our monthly creative workshop group on the first Sunday of October and Sil dropped over. I haven’t seen her in ages and she brought along some samples of her beautiful new work.

photo 1-1

These gorgeous new teatowels are now up and ready to go from her Etsy boutique! I can tell you first hand how sweet they are – a perfect new home gift!

Out and about in Brussels there’s loads going on! I went to the opening of a show last week by an artist couple who work under the name The Darwin Sect and it was incredible! You may have seen from the photos on 13zor’s wonderful blog posts about me, that myself and The Belgian have a bit of a thing for the natural world and how to incorporate it into our living space (quite apart from our very-much alive Shep!) The Belgian has a creative eye for not only vintage, but old-world “naturalia” that would fit seamlessly into the new world. It was such a pleasure to see such an exquisite collection at The Darwin Sect’s opening.

By the way, in case you didn’t see the second post over at 13zor, you should check it out – it gives a good peek into the atelier here in our little corner of the world!

I’m off to London this weekend to spend time with my awesome little sister! The plan is to spend lots of time walking around London’s parks and what a perfect time of the year to do so! So expect lots of leafy pics over on Instagram and please let me know if you have any tips for shows/exhibitions/markets happening this weekend in The Big Smoke!

a x


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