It’s that time of year again people and my apartment and workshop is soooooooo cold! I have a small wee cat curled up on my lap as I write, but even his incessant purring can do nothing to help the cold seeping into my bones. Sigh! I guess I should probably just turn the heating on then…

tipp drama

I spent last weekend in Ireland visiting my family and we took a long drive up a hill where my Dad used to work years ago. It was stunning up there. The dramatic colours made the icy wind worth stepping out of the car.

Pile of cushions

We’re going into full gear here, prepping for the Christmas Markets. In addition to Bazaar’s market, I’m also participating in one in Wallonia in November, and another in Brussels in December. So evenings and nights are spent working on “the pile”, which is how I’m referring to my awesome storage method for my silk cushions… I know, I need to sort out this stock storage situation. Preferably before the Belgian has a melt-down!


Christmas Market preparation also includes creating a costume box that will go into our Photo Booth for the Bazaar Christmas Market. Yes, yes, that is a santa outfit for a RAD tiny dog. So if you have a tiny dog (or a large cat who will stand still in public) bring them along to the Christmas Market on the 7th December! It’s going to be FLY! (I was listening to 90’s tunes in the car with my sister last weekend, I’m so sorry for all the references… Why on earth is that guy speaking German in the first two seconds of that video?! The 90’s, huh?)


The upside is that I’m getting to work on all of the gorgeous scarf fabrics I’ve been stashing in the wardrobe. They’re real beauties!

More anon when I allow a break from the machine!

a x


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