Today is the day! Christmas Market 2014

Yesterday we spent the day preparing the hall for the Christmas Market and honestly, it looks amazing! So warm and cosy with a Christmas glow. We finished the photo booth, where you can take your own Christmas photos! And of course we had to sample it! This is us, the Bazaar Christmas Market team!

Market Team

Today is going to be just brilliant fun! There will be paper-craft workshops at 2pm and 4pm, homemade cakes by wonderful baker Amy and so many handcrafted goodies on sale! Below you can see the test samples, which were deeeelicious! Do come and say hi 🙂

Cake Prep

In addition to being the big market-prep day, yesterday was also the Feast of Saint Nicholas here in Belgium. In some ways it’s bigger than Christmas day, and children prepare for it weeks before. I started the day preparing my first-ever Assiette de St Nicolas for The Belgian. I think by the delighted expression and cleared plate when I got home last night, it’s safe to say it was a success!

Assiette St Nicolas


Hope to see some of you today!

a x


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