Christmas Madness Continues

When you sell at markets it always feels like you’re ready for the holiday season far sooner than most people. It also means we’re way behind on regular holiday things – I still have no Christmas tree!!

photo (56)

I have some wonderful photos of the market this weekend, courtesy of A Mama’s Blog. Before I get stuck into those I just want to let you all know that I will be in Micro Marché this weekend with some more of these gorgeous bunnies. The box above is fresh off the machine! Get them while they’re hot!

The market this weekend was just incredible. I posted a photo of our team on Saturday night before we got stuck in. They are the best, most creative, hardworking and inspired bunch of people that you are every likely to meet! We started early on Sunday morning, setting up and as soon as we opened our doors at noon we had a steady stream of people in all day! They were kept warm with the delicious Vin Chaud from Holy Bagels!

SONY DSCThe quality of work on display was astonishing. There was a real handcrafted quality to the fair and I can only hope that any market we do in future proves to be an equal showcase of work made in Belgium. I’ll shut up now and let you enjoy Alix’ photos!


Beautiful little peg-men by Sil in Pensilory.


The lady Sil herself!


Warm lighting and soft toys from Le Souk de Killy.


A new range of Christmas illustrations from JoJackLee. Illustratrice extraordinaire Maggie is one of the organising team.

E20 Bijoux

Original pieces from E20 Bijoux.


My very own Welcome Baby Boxes and luxury handmade cushions!


Amy holds sway over her busy kitchen!


And no wonder the kitchen was so busy. Mince pies – yum!


I had an awful lot of fun showing creative hands of all ages how to make Christmas trees and snowflakes!


Christmas decoration bows made by Iris in prep for the workshops. They’re so sweet and so easy to make!


Busy heads bent over scissors and paper.


The market was hard work but also so much fun. We’re already thinking about when we might be able to host another one. We’ll keep you informed!

Hope to see you this weekend at Micro Marché!

a x


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