Notes on the turning of the year…

The turn of the year is, of course, a time for reflection (what on earth was I doing?! what the hell am I doing to do?!), and like many people across the world, today my thoughts are turning to 2014 and how it went for me, and my plans for 2015.

2014 was a good year. They usually are, in fact… I find as I get older life gets that bit easier. I’m not wrestling with myself so much, and am less critical of myself. Which is nice! I’m not saying there haven’t been huge challenges this year. There have. But I’m stronger, calmer, more confident and better equipped to deal with them. I hope that’s all a part of growing up and that life will continue in this vein.


2014 was a cracking year in some ways – the year started with a weekend creative retreat and finished with Bazaar’s first Christmas market. There were ups and downs in between but lots of growth and development. I left a terrible job and found a new, better one that actually supports my creative life, not drowns it. I failed to get pregnant even with medical aid, but found a strength in my relationship which I had suspected was there but hadn’t been fully tested. I failed to sell much of anything on Etsy but learned through markets exactly who my target market are, which will help me find and sell to them in future (and my sense of design and style of my products grew in leaps and bounds this year.) I missed my Irish family desperately but with each year that passes we learn more about each other as adults and are growing up together. I also found my Belgian “family” getting stronger through the year, which helps with the homesickness.


Here’s to 2015. Here’s to the next rollercoaster ride. I wish you all many ups in which you find your joy, and I also wish you a few downs in which you find your strength.

My blog will soon take a little break for redevelopment of my site and style but I’ll be back with a bang, I promise!

Much love.


a x

(Thanks to Alix for this lovely photo of me!)


6 thoughts on “Notes on the turning of the year…

    1. You too Denise. Lots of love to all in Sligo. Perhaps this summer I can make a weekend trip west to see you and have a long catch-up!
      Love you both!
      a x

  1. What a lovely post thank you for sharing. For me reflection is important because I want to do all I can to make the next year better than the last, or maybe make myself a better person than last year is more correct. Each new year I sort of make a change and rethink my creative work strategy though actually there is nothing to say I must do so in January… but there is something about drawing a line under the year gone by and giving yourself permission to start again. I have learned also that Etsy is a tough nut to crack especially in Europe but it is still a great place to direct people while selling elsewhere so don’t give up on it. This making money through being creative can take years to actually start paying but the act of creativity itself is rewarding beyond money so I promise myself to never give up. Wishing you great things for 2015!

    1. Hey Tempy! Happy New Year to you!
      I agree that setting creative deadlines for January isn’t always necessary and can even be counter-productive. I had a counsellor once tell me never to set personal deadlines for a certain date, especially the new year, but to work on them continuously – that way you won’t be so hard on yourself if you haven’t reached unattainable goals by this heavy date! But yes, it’s definitely a good time to reflect.
      Happy 2015 to you and yours!!
      a x

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