Updates to the site

Hi All, I hope you’re getting back into the swing of the year and aren’t frozen in this awful weather. I’ve been very slow to restart. My body and mind seemed to shut down after the first weekend in January and I can only feel myself coming around now. I decided not to fight it – last year was a long, busy year, so I allowed myself the time to recuperate. Now I can feel the cogs starting to thaw and I can see how the year ahead might take shape.

photo 4

I started the year, as I did in 2014, with a workbook from Do What You Love, to analyse where I am and what I would like to achieve this year. The New Year’s Revolution goes through your personality and how it ties in with your business ideas. I have to admit that last year I completed the workbook in January, but then I didn’t look at it again for the rest of the year. However, it was still useful because when I completed the 2015 workbook last night, I looked back at what I had intended for the year last year. I managed to surprise myself – something that hasn’t happened in a while. I had the feeling that I achieved very little last year, what with personal issues taking fore and changes to work during the year. In fact, I managed to tick off all of the proposed ideas I had penned at the start of 2014. How wonderful! It gave me a huge confidence boost last night and spurred me on to making even bigger and better plans for 2015.

photo 1

To that end, I’m in the middle of a big project at the moment. I have decided to close my shop over on Etsy and I will open one that I manage and control myself. I’m looking at Big Cartel at the moment and am working on a plan to merge a big cartel shop with my website. That is why the format of the site has changed a few times in the last few weeks. I apologise for the confusion! I’m doing my best to streamline my visuals and it’s going to involve a few weeks of trail & error. So please don’t go anywhere! I’m here, just trying on a new face!

The first Bazaar Craft Sunday of 2015 will happen this weekend on 1 February and I’m so looking forward to seeing the gang again and catching up with what everyone got up to over the break. Maybe I’ll see you there!

photo 2

My pine burr is finally gone. My heart is broken! It’s on a ship bound for the new world and my months of work with it! It’s always so hard to send off my favourite pieces!

a x


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