Spring Fever

Spring fever, eh? I am so sick of winter already. I feel like a cranky old lady, heading home straight after work and refusing to go out again. And my back is playing up, I have to see a physio this week. Every morning leaving the house I put my nose in the air to see if I can smell spring, like a bear trying to decide whether or not to come out of hibernation. My Dad sent us pictures of his Irish garden full of snowdrops and crocus’ (what is the plural of crocus?!) My body clock is ready for the Irish spring but Belgium is a few weeks behind yet. Sigh…

Anyway, moan over!

two cushions

I worked on these beauties last week. The large geometric one is just gorgeous! I’m still in the process of setting up my shop online and will launch that really soon, so in the meantime I’m working on stock.

large geometric cushionIt looks so nice on my bed, I’m a little reluctant to put it up on the shop!

point culture

The Belgian’s band had a performance last week in a venue called Point Culture on Rue Royale. They have a fun exhibition at the moment on 90’s culture, which featured this great bank of tv screens. They were showing some really fun music videos from the 90’s. All of you 90’s babies should drop in and check out their collection of Pogs and Troll dolls!

I came across this interesting article on Generation Y babies and why they’re so unhappy with their lot, despite being one of the most privileged generations since people bothered keeping these sort of records… I think that even if we’re well-read about entitlement culture and we try to maintain a modicum of self-awareness, it can be really hard to manage your personal expectations. There is only so much room for “special ones”, even if we’re led to believe that we are all, every one of us, “special”. That’s a tough thing to wrap your head around when you grew up watching Disney movies. (Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not coming down hard on Disney, I have watched every movie repeatedly, until I could quote it the whole way through!)

I really love the last few paragraphs on advice for Generation Y – 1) Stay wildly ambitious, 2) stop thinking that you’re special and 3) ignore everyone else.Read the article and let me know what you get from it. (Ignore the comments on the end of the article though, unless you love those kind of facebook “discussions” which are about people listening to their own voices!)

Go out there and be wildly ambitious people. I’m still a little grouchy so I’m giving myself a pass on wild ambition for tonight. I’m staying in tonight and watching House on tv while I finish the cushions by hand.

a x


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