Winter Woolies!

We had the most wonderful Bazaar Creative Sunday for March. One of our newest members, Marjorie, is a dab hand at knitting beautiful pieces. She very generously offered to give us a workshop on knitting and crochet and it made for a cosy, comfortable and especially relaxed Sunday.


Have a look at Marjorie’s beautiful handiwork. She tried her best to convince us that it’s all very easy, but a couple of hours with a crochet needle convinced me that she has some serious skillz! Maggie took to it like a duck to water though. Look at her go! maggie crochet

For those of you who come to the monthly crafty meetups, we’re running a quick poll to see what workshops you are interested in. As a part of the crafty Sundays we will host a few formal, more structured workshops with experts to demonstrate. We already have strong support for making jewellery out of silver clay, advanced knitting classes, clothes-making without patterns and cartonnage. If you come to the workshops and you’d like to see us do something unusual or new, add your comments to the poll!

Coucou Shep!

Shep in Hiding

Given my last post, you all know well that I’ve been struggling a bit with the long cold days. The weather is starting to pick up a bit but I’m still struggling to come out of this winter funk. I thought it would be a good idea to learn/try something new to get my brain running again and get the creative juice flowing. I’ve been having issues with back pain so a run was out of the question, so I looked to creative friends. Just when I was thinking about it I came across a post on Instagram by Anne Ditreyer, a.k.a. Pret a Voyager, about her new class on designing travel posters. She’s running the class through Skillshare so I had a look and I loved what I found. I had no idea Skillshare existed! It has a 3 month free trial and you should check it out.

Brussels Travel Poster

I started Anne’s class and am having a lot of fun with it. I decided to make a travel poster for Brussels. I love this city and I think it has a lot to offer, and often people just see the grey of the institutions. Above is the first draft of the poster. The cut out images are taken from all sorts of event posters and flyers. It needs to be tidied up but I think the nugget of the idea is there! “So you think you know Brussels?!”

So, I hope March is a good one for you all. I’m off to Ireland next weekend so expect lots of images of planes, green and snow photos on Instagram!

a x


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