It’s been something of a whirlwind weekend here in Brussels. I wasn’t able to get to Ireland last Friday to vote, but if you were following the international news you’ll have noticed many references to Ireland and the Marriage Equality Referendum. I am so proud of my beautiful, strong country. The first country in the world to vote for legal recognition of homosexual marriage  by popular vote. It’s an incredible step towards socio-cultural change in Ireland that can only make the country stronger.

Nobody would deny we still have a long way to come – some of the arguments presented by the No side of the debate were shocking in their prejudice, and Ireland still hasn’t fully addressed the abortion question that was thrown into the spotlight following the death of Savita Halappanavar in 2012. The subsequent legislation has wallpapered over the issue, leaving a huge gap for debate if the circumstances surrounding Savita’s death should ever be repeated.

But today I’m proud. My wedding in 2013 was the best day of my life – cliché I know, but it’s also the truth! A whole day with my family and friends around me, all of them there to celebrate my happiness. The idea that now my gay Irish friends can experience the same outpouring of emotion and the resulting legal recognition of succession rights and family law… Well it’s just awesome!!


Brussels is gorgeous at the moment – check out all of this green surrounding the lakes at Flagey!! We’re training for the Brussels 20K and running through the woods and forest is glorious! As soon as I finish writing this I’m off for another 15k run, so I hope the sun stays out for the afternoon!

I started back on some great projects this week, ones I’ve been putting on the long finger. I saw a paper butterfly lamp months ago and had it in mind all winter. Then last week I came across this photo of paper butterflies on a wall and that was it! So I spent Friday evening cutting and sticking and the result is a flock of butterflies in the corner of my bedroom! It was so easy to do – if anyone needs help with it send me an email or pop along to the next Bazaar Collective workshop and we can make them together!


I love them. I’m a total sucker for butterflies anyway and these make me smile in the mornings. My room is coming together now, although this summer I want to make a really light bedspread. The one I have functions as an extra blanket if we’re cold, but it doesn’t cover my toes! Brrrrrrrr…

butterfly bedroom

The other small project I’ve been thinking about for ages was a padded glasses case to protect my sunglasses. I have never seen any that I would really like to buy and had all the materials at home, so just decided to make my own. I finished it this morning and love it! It’s lined with navy cotton and has a layer of wadding to protect my glasses.


Cute non?! I’m in the middle of making a weekend travel bag with the same fabric – sweeeeet!!

I have lots of other news for you guys:

Bazaar Collective won’t be meeting on the first Sunday of June. Instead we’ll meet on 21 June and we’re offering another date for the brilliant silver clay jewellery workshop. So, if you weren’t able to make the last date, here’s your chance! Send an email to to sign up for the workshop on 21 June.

‘Tis the season of the flea – I love this time of the year. The weather starts to finally lighten up a bit, even if it can be quite wet, and people come out onto the streets to sell their old junk – or as you and I know it – treasure!!! There are weekend brocantes in lots of different communes in Brussels and the best way to keep up to date is with Que Faire.

I spotted a sign the other day for Brussels’ DIY Day, which sounds kinda cool. The full programme isn’t finished yet but it’s a day of workshops, concerts and intallations, all free and all on the theme of DIY. Great! I’ll be there.

Lastly, well done Sweden !! Eurovision 2015 was as much fun as ever. For me it’s a family affair and we had an awful lot of fun live-vibering it during the course of the evening. Next year, Stockholm, yayyyyyyyy!

a x


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