Jewels on a Sunday

How much do you know about Silver Clay? I knew nothing before last weekend when we did the workshop on making our own jewellery from silver clay. It was incredible!

photo 4-1

We had a lovely instructor, called Bea, and you can find more information about her on her website. She explained that silver clay is recycled silver dust, mixed with a gum. You sculpt the jewel in any shape or design that you want. Once the piece goes in the oven, the gum disappears and you’re left with a beautiful piece of pure silver jewellery. It’s magic!

photo 3-6

The clay, however, is really tricky to manipulate. There are lots of tools and tricks but really it’s hard to get it right. Our group is pretty talented though and we made some gorgeous pieces!!

photo 2-8

This is my ring below. My hand looks freakishly red… I don’t know what that’s about. I swear I don’t have sunburn!

photo 3-4But how gorgeous is that ring!? I’ve always admired the work of Irish designer Eily O’Connell and I was inspired by her to make the ring, although it’s nothing compared to her work!

photo 5

Some of the other pieces by these very talented ladies! We’ll be doing more of these types of workshops and if you’re interested in joining, keep an eye on the blog!

photo 1-9

This weekend we’re holding the last of the Bazaar Craft Sundays before the summer break. If you’re in town drop over to Rue Maes after 12noon and say hi!

a x


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