Stationary Love!

Hi all,

I’m thoroughly enjoying my summer break and taking time to sort out my home, my workshop and catch up with family & friends. We just spent ten days in Italy with good friends and my husband’s gorgeous Goddaughter and it was hooooooooooooot! So hot! I love to see new places and spend time with friends. The heat, however, is another story. This pale Irish consistency doesn’t stand up very well to the burning Italian sun! So I’m glad to be back in Brussels. It’s quite warm here this week but is still a relief compared to the heat of the Adriatic coastline! If one should get too cross and tired of the Italian sun, however, you can stop a moment and thank it for the incredible food, which it produces. Check out these tomatoes from our host’s veg garden. MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

italian tomatoes

Just as I got back, I received an email from the lovely Linda Tieu at tortagialla asking me if I would like to try out her Happy Print Club. Well you know me and gorgeous stationary – I was on that like white on rice!! (What a curious expression, non?!) And what perfect timing too, I want to send some summer letters to friends before getting stuck into projects and all that sort of thing in September. The prints are very sweet and themed. At the moment there is a summery feel to the illustrations and my favourites are these pink flamingos.


Linda’s a great illustrator, I’ve been a huge fan of hers for some time and asked her in the past to contribute to my own projects, such as the zine I made a couple of years ago. (Another zine is somewhere on the long To Do list – I swear that list gets longer with each passing hour…) The idea with the club is that each month Linda produces new illustrations, to which paying club members have access.  You can print the illustrations at home and use them in your own paper love way – sending letters across the sea in my case!

pineapple fun

I’ll get back behind my sewing machine this week too. I’m thinking about the Christmas markets already and think I’ll take a box of sweet rabbits with me to the markets this year! They are super cute and I love putting them together. Out of holiday mode and back in planning mode! Wahey!

And now I have to go. I’m off to collect this guy from his holiday home, where my super generous friend Amy woke this morning to find him like this on the couch…

shep the lush


a x


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