To Jim & Chaos

This is a little bit of a random post after such a long break, but at this stage you know well how my scattered brain works! For a long time, I have absolutely believed that if anybody could have “saved” this world, it’s Jim Henson. (I put inverted commas on saved because there are various opinions about whether the world needs to be saved, and from whom/what it needs to be saved…) He’s up high on the list of my great heroes of humanity. Lots of us know him from the amazing Muppet Show and tend to remember Kermit’s flailing arms or Statler & Waldorf heckling from the balcony, but he was that and so much more. The ideas that shone through in his hugely varied productions were those of community, of sharing, that of taking care of each other, of love and my favourite – that peace & chaos are two sides of the same coin. Of all his productions, The Muppets especially were pure, unfettered, blind chaos, a riot of colours and sounds and jokes, but the feeling of peace I have after watching of the early movies especially is undisputed.I always watch the Muppets on a bad day, and today is a particularly nasty one, so I’m about to put on The Muppet Movie

There’s a lot of chaos in the world at the moment. Actually, I keep forgetting that it’s not just limited to right now, I’m so privileged in my life… There’s a lot of chaos in the world, full stop. Brussels is unsettled. We’re watchful. Looking over our shoulders and keeping an ear on the news for updates on public transport and movement around the city. I love Brussels. I have made it my city, my home. Today was better than earlier in the week, but I hate that I felt uncomfortable when I went out. I don’t use the word ‘hate’ lightly. When I think about my discomfort on the metro this morning I have feeling in my chest like I want to spit or shout or punch something. But there’s nobody or nothing to spit at or shout at (and in any case, I’m a nice girl 😉 so we are forced to deal with these emotions in a different way. The city was plunged into chaos for a few days, but, as expected, the Belgians came through smiling and managed to find the peace in the chaos. You’ve all heard about the lockdown cats. Shep participated. There’s even a video now, to encourage tourists not to fear coming over the holidays! Amazing. That video is too damn short.

Our street is under surveillance!

We can all do something to find peace in the chaos. In our own way. I’m not going to tell you what your own way is. And we should do this, not just until we feel better, but forever. Take one of Jim Henson’s ideas and run with it. Imagine a world where dogs can play piano, frogs can sing and play banjo and they can all ride bikes. (Paraphrased from Spielberg’s tribute to Jim Henson.) I’m putting together a plan for my new garden that is pure fantasy,  but I think I can make it work. In the back of my mind is an eventual plan to work with kids in our community on making a kitchen window garden and DIY home things. Things that I will test out in this fantasy garden first. Sow some wild ideas perhaps…

If you have a little time, try to find your own rainbow connection. Your peace in the chaos.


a x


2 thoughts on “To Jim & Chaos

  1. Nice post. I think you summed up how people are generally feeling here these days. I don’t know you other than virtually but i get the impression you are a person who can really bring people together- a community builder. I hope you get your dream and make a fabulous garden project :0)

    1. Hey Tempy, that’s so sweet of you to say, thank you! I really hope I can make something work in the new space. It will take a little time but that’s ok!
      a x

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