Welcome to Bazaar!
Hi, I’m Aisling, thanks for visiting my site.

Life in Brussels is a combination of making nursery textiles, curating people and bringing them together to discover new ideas and new projects, building communities of creators and creatives in Brussels and beyond, and rummaging for vintage treasures when I have some free time!

I love a good cup of tea and a chat. Originally Irish, creating and curating in Brussels these days.

I run a monthly Bazaar Craft Sunday, which is an opportunity for creators to meet and work on projects, together or separately, and to share ideas and experiences. If you’re interested in joining in send me an email on bazaarcollective[@]gmail.com


Apart from writing, quilting and curating, I’ve also been reading a lot about the theories and practice of sustainable living. I want to explore these ideas a lot more and hopefully encourage some discussion on the way. So expect occasional posts on sustainable lifestyles! I’m slowing building a community of people with similar ideas; both online and for real; and hope you join me!

What I hope to find through all of this writing/talking/reading/quilting is a new form of bazaar. My idea of a bazaar is a place where we can combine the professional and personal aspects of our lives – bringing our work back to a peer-to-peer place, instead of work being totally unrelated to our non-professional lives. Through this site and my real life practice I hope to evoke a bazaar; a place where we can chat and catch up with friends and community members while stocking up on the bits and pieces we need for home.

a x



Email: aisling on bazaarcollective (at) gmail (.) com